There are thousands of small and medium streaming websites, who needs 10Gbps Dedicated Server, However, only a few person can afford them because of the high price. Now you can get 10 Gbps server for as little as $300 per month. VpsBunker one of the largest dedicated hosting providers to bring you the most affordable, high quality, and fully managed dedicated servers on the market.

10Gbps dedicated servers are used to host websites and applications (Like: Movies, Sports Streaming, or many more) that require the highest level of reliability and performance. 10Gbps allows for faster transfer speeds between servers and clients. With the ability to provide the highest bandwidth, we offer 10Gbps dedicated servers that allow your application to run without interruption and assurance 100% Uptime.

[VpsBunker OFFER] 10Gbps Dedicated Server (Video Streaming Allowed) with 50% Discount

Video Streaming Server

VpsBunker giving away 5$ each, 20K VPS packages, which includes unlimited bandwidth for $10/mo (normally $90/mo). This is one time offer for new year 2023, also VpsBunker.Com have a very limited offer of 10GBPS Dedicated Servers at only $300/month with our Special Discount. This means you save $368.20 per month! The server has been optimized for a high performance and can handle a huge amount of traffic.

All servers are 100% DMCA Ignored


Coupon: (50% off Recurring monthly), Knock live chat for coupon.

Start Plan (Sailor)

VSwap 512MB
RAID10 storage 15 GB HDD
Xeon Processor E5-2620 v3 & E5-2620 v4
Cores 1
IPV4 Addresse(s) 1
IPV6 Addresse(s) /64
Bandwidth Unlimited
Network Speed 1Gbit
Location Netherlands/Moldova
Price: $1.99

(NL) 10Gbps Dedicated Server – Server for IptTv

Coupon: (50% off Recurring monthly), Knock live chat for coupon.

Start Plan (Fujitsu 1)

CPU:Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 3.80GHz
Storage: 270 GB SSD
Outgoing Bandwidth: 20TB
Incoming Bandwidth: unmetered
Uplink:10 Gbps
DDOS Protection 20gbps by default
Price: $300.60

[VpsBunker OFFER] 10Gbps Dedicated Server (Video Streaming Allowed) with 50% Discount

10Gbps Dedicated Server

10Gbps Dedicated Server Features

The 10gbps Dedicated Server features 20% discount, 8GB RAM, and 2TB of storage. It also comes with a one-year warranty. The 10gbps Dedicated Server features 20% discount, 8GB RAM, and 2TB of storage. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

What are the Benefits of 10Gbps Streaming Servers?

When it comes to bandwidth, 10Gbps is the new standard. Not only is this speed fast enough for today’s demanding applications and services, but it will also be the backbone of the future. 10Gbps is a very fast speed and it is the future of networking. It is five times faster than the current average speed and it is perfect for streaming high-definition video, downloading large files, and communicating with other devices.

The reason 10Gbps is so important is that it can handle a lot of data at once and it can also help to reduce lag time between devices. This is important because it can help to improve gaming experience, make online transactions faster, and more.

1. Enhanced Data Protection and Management: 10Gbps provides enhanced data protection and management capabilities, allowing organizations to more easily protect their data against potential threats and disasters.

2. Improved Collaboration and Communications: With 10Gbps speeds, organizations can now conduct more complex and faster collaboration and communications. This can help improve business efficiency and effectiveness.

3. Increased Efficiency and Productivity: With 10Gbps speeds, businesses can achieve increased efficiency and productivity, making it easier to scale and manage their operations.

4. Increased Capacity for Future Growth: With 10Gbps speeds, businesses can anticipate future growth, allowing them to take advantage of upcoming technologies and developments.

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 What’s the Basic Difference Between Dedicated Servers and VPS?

  • VPS stands for virtual private server. It’s a virtual server on your network that’s separate from your desktop operating system. They can run multiple virtual machines (like virtual desktops), which means you can run as many apps or websites as you want.

Major Drawback of VPS:

1. VPS servers are easier to configure, but are slower and less powerful.

2. VPS servers are great for small-scale projects and sites that don’t require lots of resources.

  • Dedicated servers, on the other hand, run on physical servers. They typically cost more than VPS services, but they come with the advantage of being able to run only one instance of an application, and they come with higher capacity and more security.

Major Advantage of Dedicated server:

1. Data transmission will become faster and more reliable
2. It will be easier to share large files
3. It will improve video and audio quality
4. It will be more efficient when transferring data between different devices
5. It will be more cost-effective
6. It will be more reliable in terms of security
7. It will be more energy efficient
8. It will be more flexible
9. It will be more open
10. It will be more user-friendly

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